About Rape
What is Rape?
Rape is a violent crime in which a person uses sexual acts to intentionally harm or hurt another. Rape is an abuse of power and an abuse of sex. This applies to women and men.
Different types of rape:
Marital Rape
- or rape within marriage – this is the rape of a woman by her husband, or a husband by his wife, whether they are married by civil, customary or religious law.
Date Rape
- when someone is raped by the person that they are going out with.
Acquaintance Rape
- when someone is raped by a person that they know.
Gang Rape
- rape by two or more people.
Statutory Rape
- when someone commits an act of penetration with a child between the ages of 12 and 16 whether or not they consent (if both people involved in this are below the age of 16 there may be a decision not to prosecute)
Effects of rape:
Sometimes after a rape you may experience some feelings and symptoms. Some of these are listed below.
* PHYSICAL: Shock, physical injury, nausea, tension headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns and disturbed eating patterns.
* BEHAVIOUR: Crying more than usual, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, listlessness, withdrawing from people and relationships, not wanting to be alone, being easily frightened and jumpy, being easily upset, irritability, fear of sex, loss of sexual pleasure, changes in lifestyle, increased substance abuse and behaving as if the rape did not occur.
* PSYCHOLOGICAL: Anxiety and fear, guilt, helplessness, humiliation and embarrassment, shame, lower self esteem, anger, feeling alone and that no one understands, losing hope in the future, numbness, confusion, loss of memory, having flashbacks to the rape, nightmares, depression and becoming suicidal.