Get medical attention
Go to the nearest medical facility (hospital, community health centre, clinic or doctor) for a medical examination.
1. A doctor will examine every part of your body to find and collect samples of hair, blood or semen. This is called the forensic examination and it is part of the police investigation to gather medical evidence of the crime.
2. Make sure you receive the following treatment from the doctor even if you do not wish to lay a charge:
• The Morning After Pill (MAP) within 72 hours to prevent you falling pregnant if you are a woman.
• An HIV test and antiretroviral treatment within 72 hours to prevent you getting HIV infection. You will have to go back for follow-up visits to the doctor, for further HIV tests and to take tablets every day for 28 days to do this effectively.
• Antibiotics to prevent getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) of another kind.
You are entitled to this kind of medical attention even if you do not want to report the matter to the police and should do so as soon as possible or at least within three days. These treatments are not effective as prevention after 72 hours but other treatments can be available to you if you do fall pregnant or contract an STI.
medical attention